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1. The body charged with the responsibility of preparing a new constitution in a country is the
2. Which of the following political concepts promotes sharing and corporation in the society?
3. A system of government in which the political power is vested in the elected representatives is known as
4. The main source of financing local government in Nigeria is
5. A system of government in which the leader exercises absolute power and allows no opposition is called
6. The highest stage of socialism is
7. A good example of an absolute monarch is
8. The late development of nationalism in French West Africa was due to
9. The West African Student Union worked towards
10. The Technical Aid Corps scheme in Nigeria aims at strengthening relations with
11. Which of the following world powers was the first to come to Nigeria’s aid during the civil war
12. How many states were created in Nigeria in 1967
13. Government as an institution of the state is defined as a body which
14. The power of the central government is dissolve subordinated units at will is a feature of
15. Which of the following measures will ensure the independence of the judiciary Judges?
16. The Rule of law is limited by
17. An open market economy is unique feature of
18. Federalism was introduced in Nigeria under the
19. Which of the following is a basic principle of democracy? Rule by
20. Which of the following is the lowest in the hierarchy of a feudal system

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